The iPad Meets a 2.5 Year Old

This video pretty much sums it all up. A father has capture the experience of his 2.5 year old’s first experience of the iPad. If this doesn’t convince any parent or teacher or administrator that the iPad will change everything we know about schools and schooling I don’t know what will.

iPad vs 5 Year Old

I’m sure there is going to be a lot of these kinds of videos out there so we’ll get started with something from FastCompany – the iPad vs a 5 year old. From the article:

So, yeah. He pretty much figured it out in five minutes flat. He instinctively pushed the home button when he got stuck. He knew how to make pictures larger, how to draw on the Etch-a-Sketch app (he preferred it to the actual Etch-a-Sketch we had in the office). And, of course, because he’s a boy, he learned how to shoot the shooting games and steer the racing games.