Best Apps for Business

ipad for business professionals

I have been following a blog by a guy who decided to run his business using just the iPad for one month (right from the release of the device in April). He’s had some interesting experiences and now after several months he has published his list of what he considers the best iPad applications for business. This list contains the apps on his iPad plus a list of apps that have been submitted by other readers of his blog.

I imagine that many of these applications would make a good addition to the list of applications that schools will use. These could be on both sides of the process – the administration and teaching side as well as the learning side.

Here’s his list.

It starts with Paul’s favorite (best) iPad Apps (in order of the amount of time he spends using them):

  • OmniFocus – The iPad specific version of this game changing productivity app is everything we hoped it would be.
  • SimpleNote– Making the notes that matter and making them available wherever you might be (this is an app that comes with iPhone version for easy syncing back and forth.
  • LogMeIn Ignition – Our remote access client of choice.  Easy to use, no monthly service and a Universal App.  Once you purchase this, you can run as many computers as you want from both your iPhone and iPad.
  • 1Password Pro – Universal app for 1Password (iPhone/iPad) version – now with Dropbox Sync.  Awesome password solution.
  • Reeder – Best RSS reader.  Integration with Google Reader.
  • Instapaper – Words can’t describe what a game changer this one is. Quick and easy parsing and selecting of the articles that you want to read – later – without the ads and annoying formatting.
  • Keynote – I haven’t done a presentation on a laptop since I bought this app.
  • OmniGraffle – Create a quick (and gorgeous looking) diagram or chart in seconds with this one. We use it at to map out all of our processes.
  • Dropbox – This is the files in the cloud solution for everyone.  Most app builders are building integration with DropBox and, well, we love it.  Also a Universal app with a great iPhone version.
  • Evernote – Don’t forget anything.  Hard to explain.  Universal app with iPhone and desktop versions (Mac and PC).  Free for the basic stuff.

Here are some of his reader’s favorites.  He polled them a few times and these keep coming up at the top.

And here’s the link to Paul’s blog Paul’s iPad dot com.