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  1. Hello,

    I see you posted an article on my school. I am the one who wrote the grant for the iPads in Naselle. I have been receiving contacts from all over the country wanting to know how we are using the technology. I have created a website highlighting a lot of that use and resources: http://tinyurl.com/ipads-edu

    I am presenting at MEC 2011 at Arizona State University this March and presented at NCCE 2011 in Portland, OR two weeks ago. I am amazed at the interest from teachers!

    Contact me if you ever have questions or need a resource.



  2. As a student who has been using an iPad in school for a while now I’ve noticed a large degradation in the quality of education, teachers are no longer doing their job, lectures are nearly a thing of the past. Countless numbers of times now I’ve walked into class to find a packet of problems and no guidance on how to solve them. We are told to “google it” which is rediculas that we hire teachers, light and heat these buildings, for things I could do from my bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, I think iota great that we have these tools, but they are that, merely tools, and to be treated as such and used with proper guidance from the teachers.

    • Thank you Daniel. You are articulating a very important point – and one that is probably not being said in public very often – so I appreciate your courage and willingness to put it right out there. You deserve more than just a packet of problems. When I was in 11th grade I realized I needed to let my teachers know that I was really interested in learning and I was relying on them to provide something that was valuable to me. That got their attention – and luckily for me they responded in a very positive way. I hope you have the same kind of people in your life. Michael

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