More Schools Take Up The iPad

What’s so hot?

It’s only been a few months since Apple released the iPad and since that time it is becoming much more than it was originally marketed as – a simple media device.  There are now something like 14,000 apps making it possible to do just about anything you want with the iPad.

Do you want to learn music? Be a DJ? Learn to cook? or Learn a language? There are even more and more business applications focused on improving the running and managing of just about every aspect of business. Every day the applications get better and better.

The iPad in Education

Is the schooling system ready for something like this? Is the iPad the one device for all your learning needs?

Imagine being able to walk into a College bookstore and instead of getting a bunch of expensive and bulky books/learning aids, you simply download everything you need to your iPad.  Now you can study, take notes, communicate and collaborate with your fellow students using just one tool.

And this isn’t just wishful thinking. Here is a list of ways that the iPad is planning to be used in education:

  • The School of Medicine at Stanford University has adopted Apple’s iPad, providing the device to all incoming first year medical students and Master of Medicine students. The school cited four reasons behind the new program, including student readiness, noting that iPad “creates opportunities for efficient, mobile, and innovative learning.”
  • Setton Hill University (Pennsylvania) has committed to giving each of its 2100 full time students an iPad.
  • George Fox University right here in Oregon recentlyannounced that it would be giving its new students the choice between a Macbook or an iPad.
  • Oklahoma State University will be piloting an iPad initiative with 125 students in five different courses during the fall term.
  • The University of Maryland is providing iPads to 75 incoming Honors students in the fall.
  • Gibbon Fairfax Winthrop High School was the very first high school to provide an iPad to each of their 320 students
  • Northwest Kansas Technical College is going to provide an iPad to every student who registers for the Fall 2010 term – and they will be providing their content via iTunes.
  • Sacramento Country Day School has announced they are giving iPads to every sixth grader at no cost to the parents.
  • Monte Vista Christian School already gave 60 of its AP students iPads with eBooks preloaded.

It will be very valuable to see how this evolves and how schools end up using the iPad to assist in the students’ learning endeavors.  Simply giving one away is not going to do much.  If schools can change the process they use AND provide interesting content that is integrated into the learning experience the possibilities could be quite exciting.

What do you think?  Would you use it in school? What do you see the are the benefits of the iPad in schools?


8 thoughts on “More Schools Take Up The iPad

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  2. This will be a revolutionary change to see all TEXT books on the iPad and or in PDF format.

    Instead of carrying around huge books and bags, students could easily carry a iPad or any tablet.

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  4. i think it is a very good idea because it not only saves paper but saves schools money because they don’t have 2 buy books just because new information has come out. it also is easier on the students because they don’t have to lug around tons of books (:

  5. My high school has adapted to using iPads during school. It’s a cool device, better than carrying textbooks all day every day.

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