iPad and Autism

The iPad is making a significant impact on the lives of learners of all ages and backgrounds.

It’s quite challenging to add anything to the existing body of knowledge growing around children with special needs using iPads for learning and communicatign – particularly people with autism.

In this article, recently published by Fox News, a group of youngsters create sophisticated music together using the iPad. From the article, here’s the list of apps they use:

Garageband: Apple iTunes.

Mobilewalla Score: 84 out of 100.

Download Animoog: Apple iTunes.

Mobilewalla Score: 77 out of 100.

Download MIDI Touch: Apple iTunes.

Mobilewalla Score: 14 out of 100.

Download Thumbjam: Apple iTunes.

Mobilewalla Score: 79 out of 100.

Download Trope: Apple iTunes.

Mobilewalla Score: 11 out of 100.

Download Bloom: Apple iTunes.

Mobilewalla Score: 83 out of 100.

Mobilewalla scores are based on a set of analytics, representing how successful — i.e. how hot — an app is at a given time on a given platform, with higher values indicating hotter apps

iPad band unlocks autistic students’ creativity