On the Way to the iPad

It seems that Apple was thinking about the iPhone back in 1983. This image of a 1983 prototype phone comes from the Apple Museum collection being housed at Stanford University.

After the recent book about the secretive nature of Apple it’s a treat to be able to have a small glimpse into some old product development models. It took a long time for Apple to figure out the touch interface and to figure out how to squeeze a phone. a computer and a computer operating system into a small space. But they did and now we have the luxury of using a device like the iPad.

I’m looking forward to what comes next. Some people are predicting it’s going to be a TV. Well just have to wait and see.



One thought on “On the Way to the iPad

  1. Amazing, looks like a cross between a phone and and Apple Newton. Apple were thinking touch pad / tablet, while the opposition were thinking touch screen.

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