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Believe it or not, as of today there aren’t a lot of videos on YouTube showing how the iPad might be being used in schools. Here are a couple that I found where people (mostly adults) are expressing their excitement for the iPad in Schools or showing the use of iPods in school (which as I’ve written about is an obvious step in the direction of using iPads in schools).

St. Andrew’s School in Georgia

From St. Andrew’s web site:
The Apple iPad extends our student’s learning opportunities beyond the school day and is another tool for the students to use as they develop the skill sets necessary for the 21st century. The iPad is used by our students in a variety of ways:

  • Note taking and organizational tool
  • Research tool
  • Presentation tool
  • Homework tool
  • Sharing and collaboration tool
  • Reading tool
  • Discovery tool

What looks to me like an iPad in elementary school.

Some 8 and 9 year olds using an iPad in school.

A review by an adult about using the iPad in schools.

and a group of adults that received iPads as part of a business school experience (through IMD, International Institute for Management Development) – instead of a folder or notebook that would traditionally be provided.


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  1. Hello, I am a fifth grade science teacher in love with technology and excited about potentially giving my students tools for inquiry and research through access to technology like the iPad. However, I have found little resources on how to organize iPads, how to keep a class set in sync, and how to differentiate instruction, and how to use them as in class assessment devices. Has anyone who has experimented with iPads in the classroom provided complete documentation of their experience?


    • Thanks for your note. I have found a few resources on the web that have helped me to understand how people are using the iPad and what applications they are using. The best resource for philosophy and strategy I’ve found is by a guy named Fraser Speirs who is implementing a 1 to 1 program at Cedars School of Excellence in Greenock, Scotland. His blog is pretty awesome.

      The Canby School District in Canby, Oregon is writing about their experiences deploying iPads and iPods. This is a pretty good resource for the kinds of things you are looking for about deployment.

      Here’s another resource from a school librarian about the experience of implementing iPads in school.

      There are a few school districts writing about their experiences using iPads in the classroom. They are: Franklin Academy High School.

      There are probably more but that’s a good start!

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