Private School Goes iPad

Here’s another school that’s going to be giving all of their students an iPad. A private school in Scotland is going 100% iPad in school.

Scotland’s Cedars School of Excellence is running a very cool, very bold tech experiment with their students: they have ditched all their books, pencils, pens and paper, teaching all of its 105 students using only Apple’s iPad for taking notes and conducting class.

iPads in School

“We wanted to give each of the pupils an opportunity to use the best equipment available,” IT teacher Fraser Speirs told the Daily Record. Each and every one of the 105 students at the modestly named Cedars School of Excellence in Greenock will now take all their lessons on their personal “magical and revolutionary” devices.

The students, ranging in age from five to 15, will also do their homework on the Jobsian tablet — although whether they’ll each be given an Apple iPad Keyboard Dock with which to type or be forced to tap away on the onscreen keyboard wasn’t noted.

“Each of the children will have their own iPad,” Speirs said, “which is hooked into the school’s wireless network and from there they will use the computers for learning in different subjects.” The tablets will enable the young ‘uns to access “pre-approved websites for lessons in English, maths, languages and history.”